Beating the Recession – Micro-Financing Online

Home equity loan online is a loan which you can avail be pledging the equity on your home as collateral. Home equity is the market value of your home free from any mortgage claim or any other obligation on it. For instance, the actual cost of your home is £170000 and there is a mortgage claim of £70000 on it, then the equity on your home is £100000. By offering this value against the loan, you will be able to borrow substantial amounts of money at reasonable repayment terms.

Home equity loan online can be used for a variety of purposes. You can take one to fund your debt consolidation, home improvement, and medical or education fees, wedding and holiday expenses and a whole lot of other ventures. Home equity loan online can be availed under two options:

1. Closed home equity loan online – If you want to borrow your money as a lump sum, then you can choose this option. Interest rate will be calculated on the total amount that you are borrowing.

2. Home equity line of credit (HELOC) – When you don’t want to take out the loan amount at one go, you can opt for HELOC. From an agreed sum, you can withdraw the desired amount when you need it. Interest rate is calculated on the individual withdrawn amounts.

Home equity loan online lends money based on a percentage of equity of your home. Most lenders offer up to 100% of the equity. Generally, loan amounts into the range of £3000 and £100000. Repayment tenure for these loans tends to be long and may be extended for a period up to 30 years.

Home equity loan online provides valuable service at low interest rates. The best thing about them is that they are available online. You don’t have to run around town in search of the perfect loan. Online lenders provide free loan quotes and non-obligatory application. So, you will be able to compare a variety of offers at your home.

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